About the Intactivist Circle

The Intactivist Circle empowers and challenges Intactivists both individually and collectively to work to their potential, contribute what they can, learn what they want, and lead who they may. Its goal is to inspire our movement to greater effectiveness through sharing, coordination, learning, and leadership.

The Intactivist Circle is not a circumcision news site or repository for circumcision articles. It is not a new organization. It is not the place to vent or theorize about circumcision.

The Intactivist Circle is a grassroots and open-source “un-group” interested in working with other Intactivists who value resource sharing, project collaboration, and effectiveness more than group affiliation. All Intactivists contributing to the advancement of the genital integrity movement are welcome to participate, post, and publish. Donors looking to fund specific projects are also welcome to collaborate with us.

The Intactivist Circle facilitates greater cooperation and transparency between Intactivists and Intactivist groups in order to improve their mission effectiveness. It publishes The Intactivist’s Guide to Giving annually, as well as activist resources, strategic analyses, and online collaboration tools for learning, planning, and strategy.

The Intactivist Circle seeks to address the current leadership void in our movement as well as to avoid the snares, drama and chaos of Facebook. We value transparency, honest communication, ego-less collaboration, mutual support, personal responsibility, individual sustainability, and above all, mission effectiveness.

The Intactivist Circle website will include more resources over time to support Intactivists. Relevant information and guidance on the business and logistics of doing the work of Intactivism will be posted to assist others working against circumcision on a local, state, region, national, or international basis.

The Intactivist Circle operates independently of any group or organization. It is not and will not be sponsored, funded, or directed by another organization. It is run as a not-for-profit venture but is not a 501(c)3 organization. Private donations are welcome to support the costs of the website and events.

Norm Cohen

Norm Cohen

Norm founded the Intactivist Circle in 2014 with the hope of bringing more effectiveness and transparency to the Intactivist movement in the United States. He also serves as the Executive Director of NOCIRC of Michigan, and has been active in the Intactivist movement for 24 years.