Norm Cohen

Norm founded the Intactivist Circle in 2014 with the hope of bringing more effectiveness, cooperation, and transparency to the Intactivist movement in the United States. His goal is to nurture a maturing Intactivist movement by encouraging stronger proficiency, strategy, and leadership. He also serves as the Executive Director of NOCIRC of Michigan, and has been active locally and nationally in the Intactivist movement since 1994.

Ten Keys to Success as an Intactivist

We all have the tough and thankless job of taking on the American cultural standard of circumcision. We have had to work hard against mainstream opinions and at times it seems like an impossible task.

The Intactivist’s Pledge

I reject circumcision.
For girls. For boys. For women. For men.
For every human alive, or that ever lived, or that will live.

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