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Bay Area Intactivists

Bay Area Intactivists

Stated Mission

“Bay Area Intactivists is a human rights organization comprised of community members who are working to end forced genital modification. Our mission is to defend the human right to genital integrity and to ensure that the genital autonomy of every individual is respected without discrimination based on sex, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We oppose all forms of unnecessary genital modification such as non-therapeutic circumcision and genital “normalizing” surgery when performed on individuals who are unable to provide informed consent.”


Legal Name

Bay Area Intactivists

Year Founded  2001

Year Incorporated  2016

Year Granted Tax-Exempt Status  2016

EIN  81-2752650

Executive Director   Lloyd Schofield

Board of Directors
Lloyd Schofield, President
Richard Kurylo, Secretary
Frank McGinness, CFO



Latest Reporting Year   2017

The organization is not required to report financial information to the IRS because they have stated on IRS form 990-N that their receipts are less than $50,000 per year. Any financial information shown below has been published by the state or reported directly to us by the organization.

Revenue  $ 2,712

Expenses  $ 2,000

Compensation Paid to Executive Director  $ 0

Assets  $ 2,038

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Guide-to-Giving Survey Results

Date Responded:  August 24, 2018

What were the major accomplishments of your organization in the last 12 months?

We continue with community outreach and support in local events such as, SF Pride Parade, Folsom St Fair, Castro St Fair, Albany Ave, Stroll, Oakland Pride and SF Baby Fairs, etc. As President I've appeared in and been a Q&A speaker in the SF premier of "American Circumcision" documentary as well as presenting at the May, 2018 GA Symposium. Bay Area Intactivists worked closely with Genital Autonomy USA to sponsor informational protests and events at the May, 2018 symposium.

What are the major plans for your organization in the next 12 months?

We will work closely with our national and international colleagues and partners to end forced genital mutilation. We plan to continue and expand events and our Bay Area profile by attracting and empowering more intactivists to join our organization.

What makes your organization unique among Intactivist organizations?

We have a rich history for serving the SF Bay Area, starting with Marilyn Milos, a founding member of BAY AREA INTACTIVISTS.

Is there a leadership succession plan in place to continue the organization beyond your tenure? Please summarize.

There is a funding succession plan and we have a light board, with only three members, to maintain flexibility as membership and our organization evolves.

What else would you like your potential donors and volunteers to know?

All funds donated to the Bay Area Intactivists go directly to the funding of events and handouts, Board members are not paid.

Please visit our website, for printouts, and our intactivist product store. Our Facebook page, Bay Area Intactivists, will keep you up to date with our planned community events and outreach.

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