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Little Images

Stated Mission

“Little Images is a Christian organization committed to treating children with dignity and love, as beings designed and created by God in his own image.

Christ, the perfect image of God, has redeemed us and rules us as God and King. We affirm the classic Christian truths of the Nicene Creed. We affirm the duty of Christians to relieve injustice and suffering in this world, especially for the poor and helpless. And who is more helpless than an infant? We reject mutilation, in all forms harmful and fatal, along with slavery and abuse, as violent attacks on the dignity of those who bear the very image of God.

We are committed to doing all we can to stop these attacks. Since we are beginning in the United States, our launch issue is the attack on these little images that is most common among American Christians. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and fight for the least of these.”


Legal Name

Little Images, Inc.

Year Founded  2015

Year Incorporated  2016

Year Granted Tax-Exempt Status  2016

EIN  47-5647180

Executive Director   Peter Keay

Board of Directors
Peter Keay
Joseph Mencarini



Latest Reporting Year   2018

The organization is not required to report financial information to the IRS because they have stated on IRS form 990-N that their receipts are less than $50,000 per year. Any financial information shown below has been published by the state or reported directly to us by the organization.

Revenue  $ 2,924

Expenses  $ 3,123

Compensation Paid to Executive Director  $ 0

Assets  declined to report


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