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Stated Mission

“NOCIRC of Michigan, Inc. is a nonprofit, consumer rights advocacy group that educates people about circumcision and about the benefits of intact genitals.

We inform parents and healthcare providers in Michigan about the impact of circumcision and about the proper care of intact genitals. We protect consumers from fraudulent medical claims. We promote the benefits of normal genitals and foreskin restoration.

We know the removal of normal, healthy tissue from a child’s genitals—in the name of medicine, religion or social custom—results in a loss of sexual function and is a violation of human rights.

We are a group of dedicated consumer activists and healthcare professionals. We are committed to effective education, advocacy and activism on behalf of children to protect them from harm. We are part of a worldwide movement to end all forms of male and female genital mutilation.”


Legal Name

NOCIRC of Michigan, Inc.

Year Founded  1994

Year Incorporated  2016

Year Granted Tax-Exempt Status  2018

EIN  82-0752066

Executive Director  Norman Cohen  email

Board of Directors
Norman Cohen, President
Glen Allen Powell, Vice-President
Gerald Boor, Secretary



Latest Reporting Year  2018

This organization is not required to report financial information to the IRS because they stated on IRS form 990-N that their receipts were less than $50,000 in the prior fiscal year. Any financial information shown below has been published by the state or reported directly to us by the organization.

Revenue  $ 7,628

Expenses  $ 3,875

Assets  $ 4,653

Compensation Paid to Executive Director  $ 0

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Guide-to-Giving Survey Results

Date Responded:  November 4, 2019

What were the major accomplishments of your organization in the last 12 months?

•  We staffed information tables and booths at 18 public and professional conferences around Michigan.
•  We organized protests and marches for genital integrity, including our annual Michigan March for Integrity, the Motor City Pride Parade, and street protests in Grand Rapids.
•  Our annual Michigan March for Integrity protest at a local hospital was covered in a news article published in September 2019 by the Detroit Free Press newspaper: “Michigan nonprofit protests male circumcision on Woodward Avenue,” ward-avenue/2325971001/
•  A new Foreskin Pride brochure was written and produced for handing out at Gay Pride festivals.

What are the major plans for your organization in the next 12 months?

•  Exhibit at 20 public and professional events and conferences.
•  Upgrade our exhibitor graphics and signage.
•  Create and produce new, full-color information brochures on circumcision, intact care, foreskin restoration, and religious circumcision.
•  Transfer to an online project management system for planning our tabling events.
•  Transfer our mailing list management tasks and related email marketing to MailChimp.
•  Look to add more board members in 2020.

What makes your organization unique among Intactivist organizations?

NOCIRC of Michigan has been in continuous operation for 25 years. Each year, Michigan has had more circumcision information tables than any other state.

Is there a leadership succession plan in place to continue the organization beyond your tenure? Please summarize.

In the unlikely event of a sudden change in leadership, the vice-president of NOCIRC of Michigan, Inc., Glen Powell, would take over for the current president, Norm Cohen. Glen would then hire an executive director to run the organization's daily operations with funds donated to the Corporation. A succession plan will be finalized in 2020 to handle this contingency.

What else would you like your potential donors and volunteers to know?

NOCIRC of Michigan has always spent donors' money very wisely and efficiently. We are able to accomplish a great deal on a shoestring budget because we are sharply focused on effectiveness and efficiencies in carrying out our mission for the welfare of baby boys born in Michigan.

Notes and Analysis

Explanatory Notes

NOCIRC of Michigan, Inc. is not affiliated with the California corporation formerly named "National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers".

Norm Cohen, the Executive Director of NOCIRC of Michigan, is also the founder of Intactivist Circle.

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