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Your Whole Baby

Stated Mission

“We believe if you have the information necessary to see circumcision in a new light — free from cultural blinders — you will not choose it for your son. Your protective instincts will scream NO as far as the ear can hear. Change is happening and it begins with you trusting your instincts. We are here to help in any way we can.”


Legal Name

Your Whole Baby

Year Founded  2014

Year Incorporated  2017

Year Granted Tax-Exempt Status  2018

EIN  82-4068238

Executive Director   Jennifer A. Williams

Board of Directors
John V. Geisheker, JD, LL.M
Ryan McAllister, PhD
Alexandre Rotta, MD
Jen Williams
Kenneth Zatz, MD



Latest Reporting Year   2018

The organization is not required to report financial information to the IRS because they have stated on IRS form 990-N that their receipts are less than $50,000 per year. Any financial information shown below has been published by the state or reported directly to us by the organization.

Revenue  $ 15,000

Expenses  $ 15,000

Compensation Paid to Executive Director  $ 0

Assets  declined to report

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Guide-to-Giving Survey Results

Date Responded:  September 19, 2018

What were the major accomplishments of your organization in the last 12 months?

Your Whole Baby had over 350,000 unique visitors to its website ( from Jan 2018-August 2018. We have had four billboards up around the country, with a fifth one going up in October 2018. We have sent hundreds of "Preventing Forced Retraction" packets to healthcare providers around the country (; we send them free of charge when needed. We have hosted numerous outreaching tables at events around the country. We have sent hundreds of "Freebie" packs ( to expecting parents. We provide support for midwives and doulas on our website and reached out to them at the annual ANCM convention. We have a team of over 90 volunteers who all dedicate their time and money to help end nonconsensual genital cutting.

What are the major plans for your organization in the next 12 months?

We are continually growing our online presence through 2 large and numerous small Facebook groups. We expect that our Community for Learning will reach 50,000 members within a year. We continue to run expo tables, and expect to have at least 30 in the next year. We have at least one more billboard going up. Our website traffic continues to grow, and we are making connections with families, doctors, midwives, and other organizations.

What makes your organization unique among Intactivist organizations?

We are an ideal first point of contact for people who are brand new to the idea of keeping their baby intact. Our printed materials are modern and attractive, our website is eye-catching and it grabs the reader's attention immediately, and our groups are carefully moderated to be gentle and educational.

Is there a leadership succession plan in place to continue the organization beyond your tenure? Please summarize.

We have a team of 5 development directors who can continue the work of the organization if the director became absent.

What else would you like your potential donors and volunteers to know?

We've been working for years now to develop resources that meet every imaginable need on the subjects of circumcision and proper care of the natural, intact penis. We have web pages, printed information, and graphics tailored to parents, caregivers, medical professionals, intactivists, and much more.

Also, we are always looking for self-motivated, dedicated volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer application:

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