Guide to Giving

The Intactivist's Guide to Giving

The Intactivist’s Guide to Giving is an online resource for donors to identify not-for-profit intactivist organizations to support. All US-based nonprofit corporations related to anti-circumcision efforts are listed in the Guide. Groups that have not filed for incorporation are not included.

The Intactivist’s Guide to Giving helps Intactivists decide on where they can best donate their money based on what best aligns with their personal Intactivism goals. It encourages Intactivist organizations to provide transparency and accountability to their donors and potential donors.

The details listed in the Guide are collected from public sources and from the results of an annual survey of each organization. Organizations are surveyed by the Intactivist Circle every year to gather information on their programs and on where they are spending their donations. Organizations who don’t respond to our survey are noted.

When available, links to the tax returns filed with the IRS and documents filed with their home state are provided. 

Organizations are listed below in alphabetical order.