Annual Guide to Giving Survey


November 29, 2023

The Intactivist’s Guide to Giving is an online resource used by donors to help them identify which Intactivist organizations to support. All US-based corporations related to anti-circumcision efforts are listed in the Guide.

Our goal is to provide greater visibility into organizations soliciting donations from Intactivists so that donors are able to choose the organization that best aligns with their giving goals. Our Guide encourages Intactivist organizations to provide transparency and accountability to their donors and potential donors during the fundraising season and throughout the year.

Please answer the 8 simple questions below about your organization.

Your responses will appear in unedited form as part of your organization’s public profile currently published at If you choose not to reply to this survey or to answer a question, this will be noted on your organization’s profile.

This survey is sent out on an annual basis to all Intactivist organizations incorporated in the United States.


Norm Cohen

The Intactivist Circle

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